Healthy Hair 101 For The FitGirl

If you have been skipping out on your workouts in order to preserve your blow out, then this one is for you lady. “Healthy hair starts from the inside out,” says FitGirl hairstylist Saasha “Mo” Wheeler of Momoxie Hair Designs. What you eat, that unexpected rainfall during your outdoor workout and natural sunlight (in moderation) are all good for your do. So whether you’re natural, addicted to that creamy crack or prefer your locks sewn in, the key to healthy hair is “having a good routine and staying consistent,” says Wheeler. With new products making an appearance every day, it is easy to pick up a product addiction, however this wishy washy approach to a regimen can actually be very detrimental to your hair growth. So quit flirting with every new product that hits the market and commit to one product per function. I mean who really needs two shampoos at a time? For more healthy hair tips hit Saasha up on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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