When a cheerios commercial was aired with a biracial family, all the racists on the interwebs went crazy. The ad drew so many negative comments from trolls, Cheerios had to disable comments from the adorable spot that features a bi-racial girl with a White mother and Black father.

In the spot, the little girl asks her mom how, exactly, are Cheerios heart-healthy? After a brief explanation she heads out of the kitchen with Cheerios in hand. In the final frame we see her Black father wakeup with Cheerios all over his chest. Cute? We thought so.

But the internet racists and trolls thought otherwise sparking a viral controversy about the ad that re-opened the never-ending though totally moot discussion about interracial dating.

In this viral video, a group of youngsters are asked to watch the video and pick out what’s wrong with it? They can’t find a thing! After they are told, it’s because of the bi-racial family, one the kids puts it best–“that’s stupid.”

Watch this video filled with adorable and insightful children who give us well needed hope that society is changing and children are the future. Watch these yummy elementary school kids drop some very wise knowledge.

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