4. Be able to play with the best.

Not only does Beyoncé know her musical history, she knows her competition, and in her own way, she embraces it. Beyoncé + Shakira, Beyoncé + Gaga, Beyoncé covers Amy Winehouse. It is an exercised called battling, but throughout her accent to a solo career, Beyoncé has understood that you are only the best if you can perform with the best.

Takeaway:  When the new girl comes on the scene and grabs the bosses attention, take note of what you can learn from and challenge yourself to have the focus to play with her. You will learn something, you will teach something, and you will build your confidence to know, despite the images of reality television, most people are not coming after you. Just like people go to the Olympics in teams to run individual competitions, so is true for all. You are the sum of your own efforts, and you will get in the way of them if you live in fear or judgement of those who are achieving around you.

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