Ok let’s face it, Lady Gaga is innovative and cooky and to be frank–I love her cooky. My fear for the meat-wearing entertainer though, is that after the headless performances, photo shoots as Joe Calderone and many of her other Cirque Du Soleil antics–how will she be able to keep that momentum going? I mean, how many times can one woman wear a steak hat? But, despite my concerns, she continues–somehow–to amaze me.

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Her latest song, “Cake Like Gaga,” is the most random but likeable song I’ve heard all month. “F**k your life, you b**ch ass trick,I roll all that good s**t, you rollin’ on that Reggie Bush,” raps Gaga. Her influences–Lil’ B and 2 Chainz perhaps? None-the-less, Gaga proves, once again, she isn’t just rolling with the times but creating them.

Listen to the two tracks and let us know are you feeling the flavor:


Fan Edit:

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