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She is beautiful, successful, physically fit, not the best communicator, but an undeniable human anthem of hard work. Anyone can be Beyoncé, if you just dedicate every moment of your life to perfecting one task you can deliver better than everyone else. The documentary made it clear, she’s an exceptional talent with an enviable drive.

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Anyone who knocks Beyoncé on her singing ability is demonstrating some form of envy, as would anyone who knocks her reign on the art and science of entertainment. If you look to Malcolm Gladwell, it is impossible for someone who has busted past the 10,000 hours of focused work to not be the best. And whether you or not you duplicate her journey, if you want to succeed, her career is a blueprint for reaching mega-stardom in whichever lane you inhabit. Check out these six secrets to “Beying” your best self.

1. When you decide what position you want to attain, study the people who already have it.

Back when she was headlining Girl Tyme, Beyoncé was taking cues from the Black women who ran the music industry before her. Beyoncé obsession with the definers of girl group-dom, like The Supremes and En Vogue, or even the solo artists who shut the game down, like Tina Turner and Ella Fitzgerald,is clear in the way she moves, her style and performances. It is easy to imagine she was a 12-year-old with an affinity for infectious beats, with her left arm (and those of the other four girls) hitting the right mark on the right beat.

Takeaway:  If you work in hair care, can you name the leading companies in that field? Do you know where they are investing and what products are going to be launched? Can you articulate the steps needed to make what’s wrong with your work or anyone else’s, better? Do you know the names of the most iconic people in the field? If you work in retail, what are the qualities that the employees of the month share? Do you know the point behind what you do and the base require to do something well, before you aspire to greatness?

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