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Warning: This video contains violence and is extremely graphic.

“Good Or Bad Parenting” is a viral video of a father beating his two daughters. Allegedly, the two girls uploaded a video of themselves “twerking” on Facebook. Their father caught wind of their sexually explicit video and promptly took to giving them an old-school beating with a cable cord. The girls scream in sheer agony as their father continually beats them and it’s a very difficult thing to watch.

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As this video accrues views, people are starting to chatter on whether or not this is considered abusive behavior. #TeamBeautiful decided to open up the conversation and sound off on this father’s violent parenting style.

It’s the screams from the second daughter that make this video hard to watch. However, as a southern girl, I grew up knowing what it meant to fully respect my mother. I am also the youngest of six, so I’ve watched as my older brothers and sisters made the foolish mistakes of disobeying or disrespecting my mother and reaping what they’ve sown. I’ve always been afraid of punishment, so I acted accordingly. I remember one time, my mother was telling my sister what she must do when she goes off to college and my sister had a huge attitude and said, “Whatever…” under her breath, from a different room. With the extraordinary hearing my mother has, before the “er” and “whatever” escaped my sister’s lips, my mom was in her face, beating my shocked sister with an extension cord. With each blow and scream, I cringed. Tears started to fall and before I knew it, I was full-on blubbering. I couldn’t take it. After my mom returned to the kitchen, an eerie silence hung in the room like an ominous grey storm cloud.

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I knew my sister needed chastising for her for her sass, but I didn’t know if she deserved such a harsh beating. But I’ll tell you what, as a grown 30+ woman, my sister hasn’t spoken to my mom like that since that day. The father in this video is on a mission. He wants to send the message to his daughters that putting themselves online in a provocative way isn’t how he’s raising them. He wants them to remember this beating and act accordingly in the future. While I don’t condone violence, I do condone parents who use this type of discipline to get their point across. I’m aware of the thin line between chastising and abuse (because some parents take things too far) and I do think the father in the video is walking right on that line, but I’m not against his method.

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