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If a black woman strips down to her underwear, starts popping her booty like her livelihood depends on it, she doesn’t get a feature in Self magazine, nor does she get to teach her own class in a swanky and costly gym. But you know who does? Bizzie Gold.

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When I spotted this video posted on Jezebel, I was curious to see what “Buti” meant. Bizzie Gold is evidently a fitness buff who’s loved cardio for a long time and decided to add elements of Zumba, twerking and yoga into a routine to get ladies fit by “Buti” shaking.

Check Out “Buti” Below:

Bizzie did not invent or even re-invent the wheel. She took something Black women have been doing, even before the Twerk Team surfaced and made a class out of it, thus creating a business. Bizzie and her “Buti” class has been featured everywhere from Self to E! as a hot new fitness craze, but what about the young ladies who make up the Twerk Team?

The only place you can really find them is on their popular YouTube Channel and various hip-hop videos like Ludacris’ “How Low.” But you will not see the Twerk Team teaching a fitness class or featured on Access Hollywood in the same regard as Bizzie and her “Buti” videos. Maybe they have no desire to teach a class?

Check Out Twerking Below:

But here’s my question–why is it that when a White person takes something into their hands that belongs to someone else, they’re able to capitalize on it way more than their Black counterparts? What do you think?

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