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Many young girls fantasize about their wedding day from the time they’re old enough to know what a wedding is. It feels like a right of passage to be treated like a princess on your own special day. Every intimate detail as precious as the next, some of us never let go of those pricey fantasies. Recently in the New York Times, Alyson Krueger wrote an article about women who dreamed of their wedding day and head onto that dream into adulthood with no groom, or even a boyfriend in sight.

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First comes love, then comes marriage, right? So what if you’ve thought of every single sparkling detail of your wedding day! Does it make you crazy, desperate or just a good planner? #TeamBeautiful weighs in on being wedding obsessed:

Danielle Young:

It’s not our fault. Everything little girls are interested in is catered to in fairy tales and we play it out in our fantasies. At least, I did.  I blame Disney! As soon as I saw my first extravagant wedding aka the “happily ever after” in “Cinderella,” I knew that one day I would have my own. I was that weird little eight-year-old girl watching “A Wedding Story” on TLC. Long before David Tutera’s many-a-wedding shows, TLC’s reality show introduced us to relatable brides and revealed the details of their wedding planning and even shared the big day with us. In the summer, I’d sit and watch marathons, believing more in those same fairy tales because now it was happening on-screen with “real life” women.

By 12, I had every detail of my fairy tale wedding planned, all problems like which state we’d marry (because we’d be from different states), hair half-up or all-up or bedazzling flats to dance in after the ceremony were solved based on the problems all my favorite TV brides experienced.

With every crush, puppy love, fling and full-on relationship, I placed each mate in my groom’s slot mentally. But it wasn’t until adulthood that I realized these fantasies were absolutely ridiculous.

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