Nothing is off limits when you sign up for a game of truth or dare!

Remember that really sexy Instagram video of Amber Rose twerking in what appeared to her wedding dress? Well, we caught up with the “School Dance” actress and guess what?! False alarm. Amber Rose is known for her killer curves (and platinum blonde fade) yet some fans were shocked when the Muva Rose Bud did something […]

Iyanla Vanzant might be the queen of fixing lives, but that’s not her only talent! Iyanla visited Arise 360 with Lola Ogunnaike and Shannon LaNier and they were in for a surprise when Iyanla told them she’d just learned how to twerk. After a lot of giggling, Lola asked Mrs. Fix My Life to show […]

Annapolis High School in Maryland is requiring their students and their parents to sign a “dance contract” before attending any of the dances at the school. The contract is not allowing them to do any provocative dances like twerking or grinding. Well, that just takes all the fun out of high school dances! Unless you […]

#TeamBeautiful has taken the time to gather these sensational news topics in your weekly cheat sheet, so that when you get into in-depth discussions this weekend, you’ve got something interesting to bring to the table. Twerking has been around longer than Miley Cyrus figured out how to get her nonexistent pancake @$% to move. But […]

Actor, Tristan Wilds can now be referred to as Mack Wilds the Hip Hop and R&B singer. Now signed by Grammy-nominated producer, SalaAM ReMi’s new label–Re Mi Fa/Louder Than Life (through Sony)–Mack is setting the tone for the new musical imprint. And what a tone he’s setting. Mack’s debut album, “New York: A Love Story” […]

Thanks to Katy Perry’s tweets, we’ve met the acquaintance of Kaycee Rice, an insanely amazing dancer. She’s the 10-year-old YouTube sensation. Necole Bitchie is reporting that Kaycee has been dancing at her mom’s studio every day since she was five. She also studies tap, jazz and ballet. But it’s the twerking routine that mirrors dancers […]

Warning: This video contains violence and is extremely graphic. “Good Or Bad Parenting” is a viral video of a father beating his two daughters. Allegedly, the two girls uploaded a video of themselves “twerking” on Facebook. Their father caught wind of their sexually explicit video and promptly took to giving them an old-school beating with […]

Miley Ray Cyrus shared a very interesting video of herself, dressed upin a unicorn onesie, twerking to rapper J Dash’s “Wop.” I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it, but after about 15 seconds, I was fully invested, even cheering the oversized stuffed animal on! For once, I agree with Lil’ Wayne, “holla at me […]