With headlines filling our newsfeed of women being harassed, abused or killed at the hands of men, LTBW explores toxic masculinity.

When will we as community start believing women in instances where they are victims of abuse?

Bobby Brown opened up about his late daughter's death while doing press rounds to bring awareness to his new domestic abuse charity named in her honor.

Vince Herbert is reportedly expecting a baby with a mystery woman amid divorce proceedings from Tamar Braxton.

The matriarch of the Jackson family also claims that Trent Lamar Jackson used her credit cards and accessed her bank accounts without her permission.

This raises an ethical question about how to discipline your children. Moreover, this calls into question the different standards that Black parents are held to as both women were arrested and charged for punishing their kids in a way that isn't much different than how many adults were disciplined in their youth. How far is too far?

Today in “We were rooting for you news,” Shanesha Taylor, the woman who made her way into our lives after being arrested for leaving her two young children in the car as she went for a job interview, is now facing jail time again. Taylor previously faced jail time after being charged with felony abuse […]

Why doesn’t society paint emotional abuse to be as intolerable and unacceptable as physical abuse? I recently started recalling all the instances of friends and loved ones who had been in either physically and/or emotionally abusive relationships and I replayed the dynamics in my head. It seemed as though my three girlfriends who had been […]

Warning: This video contains violence and is extremely graphic. “Good Or Bad Parenting” is a viral video of a father beating his two daughters. Allegedly, the two girls uploaded a video of themselves “twerking” on Facebook. Their father caught wind of their sexually explicit video and promptly took to giving them an old-school beating with […]