Beyonce’s identity crisis is real and with “Bow Down,” she’s allowing herself to live vicariously, through herself by playing gangsta dress up. She’s seen her hubby, Jay-Z and other “hood” rappers do it, so now she’s decided to truly “rep her set” with lyrics like “Hold up, Texas trill/H-town going down, man” and “H-town b*tches, h-h-town b*tches/I’m so crown, bow bow down b*tches.” As soon as I heard Beyonce spew these words with fervor, I felt uncomfortable. I know she’s from Houston, so that makes her a country girl at heart, but Beyonce is not and has never been “trill.” I prefer my music honest and I don’t think Beyonce is being honest with herself, let alone, us–the listeners.

Beyonce seems to constantly demand respect, even urging us to refer to her as King, instead of a Queen. Is there not enough respect in the title Queen? Beyonce has it wrong. We have always respected and even revered her as an artist, but she doesn’t seem to think so. It’s like she wants to chastise us, by telling us to “bow down.” She’s taken a page out of the Book of Kanye and publicly expressing disdain for everyone. This PSA of a single isn’t the best way to handle “haters.” Did you listen to instructions and bow down?

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