Happy Birthday Blue Ivy Carter! Roll out the red…or the Blue carpet, put on your best black…or Blue Tie attire and get ready for a birthday celebration unlike any other. The baby the trump all over babies–Blue Ivy has turned one today. Why do we care? Well, because little girl Blue’s parents are the biggest power couple of our time.

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Rap mogul, Jay-Z and legendary diva-in-the-making, Beyonce’s heavily buzzed baby has reached a milestone and we’re all here to watch, even though we can hardly take a peak at the little piece of royalty. From Beyonce’s mic-dropping pregnancy announcement to her confusing and sometimes sketchy gestation timeline to Blue Ivy’s appearance on one of her father’s tracks almost as soon as she was delivered a year ago, we’ve been obsessed with the luckiest child in the world longer than she’s been in the world.

Because I can’t afford to get Blue Ivy a gift that someone of her stature deserves, I figure the next best thing would be to honor Blue for all her breathtaking and trendsetting appearances.

Check out four of Blue Ivy’s best fashion tips. Yes, they will teach you lessons you’ve yet to learn.

1. Sacrifice for fashion. Blue’s sacrifice? Breathing. Who needs that when you have FUR!

2. When you can’t find the right shoes, go without.

3. Designer blankets are the way to go. What’s that blanket? Margiela!

4. Understand rich hip-hop heavyweights make the best accessories.

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