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Beyonce released a mashup of two singles from her latest album, “Bow Down” and “I Been On.” The song that has been collectively referred to as “Bow Down” and has managed to do what Beyonce does best–set the interest ablaze with criticisms and approvals. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–Beyonce gives me a brand new emotion. While I appreciate her talent and often find myself screaming, “Yassssssss!” while she performs her hits on stage like no one else can, I’m not a signed-up Stan. And if you let those Stans tell it, it’s people like me who finds themselves on the receiving end of Bey’s warning to “Bow Down.” That’s fine. I hear the warning, but I prefer to stand.

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Beyonce has something to prove that she doesn’t think her countless Grammys, ASCAP awards and such didn’t prove. However, with no one really residing in her league, Beyonce’s hopeful point to gain the respect she thinks she’s missing, gets lost in a cloud of quotable social media updates.

Does Beyonce not realize that she’s number one, two, three, four and five in a list of the top women in music, right now (not of all time, let’s not get crazy)? Her shows sell out before tickets even go on sale and she is indeed the hottest chick in the game, so we’ve already bowed down to her greatness and I can’t see us staying down here much longer. Beyonce’s Stans can certainly take their rightful places at her feet.

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