But, here’s the gotcha–Beyonce is not only talking to the “haters,” she’s referring to her Stans too.  These lyrics should make you wonder about Beyonce’s intentions:

“I know when you were little girls

You dreamt of being in my world

Don’t forget it , don’t forget it

Respect that, bow down bitches”

If you’re a Bey fan, you have probably had fantasies about hanging out with her–aka, being in her world. To those very same people who love Beyonce enough to dream of being a part of her world, Beyonce is asking you rather aggressively, to know your place and get there quick. And even after all of this, I still can’t figure out why. All I can think is, “How dare you Bey?” We’ve always loved and respected your work, so the last thing we need are instructions from you on how to properly worship you.

Even fellow R&B songstress, Keyshia Cole had something to say about Beyonce’s new-found street-cred:

I can’t lie–I agree with Keyshia. As a superstar, Beyonce’s platform is higher than yours or mine, so there are certain liberties she shouldn’t take and one of those is telling the world to bow at her feet. Being conflicted is one thing this wealthy King can’t afford. She wants us to worship her, but she also wants us to think she’s this angelic force of nature who can see our “halo.” This is also the same woman who brainwashed many of us into thinking we ran the world. Now she wants those empowered sisters to take a break from running things and take a knee instead. Which is it Beyonce? I know women are allowed to be multifaceted but this is more like multiple personalities. Bey is possessed with her own greatness and Sasha Fierce is out for blood.

Who is Beyonce so mad at, that she had to yell with venom in her voice:

“Respect that, bow down b*tches

I took some time to live my life

But don’t think I’m just his little wife

Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted

This my sh*t, bow down b*tches”

I respect Bey’s undeniable talent, but I don’t believe the image she’s trying to force-feed the world. Beyonce has always slung a message of sisterhood since her Destiny’s Child days and even as her solo career took off into the stars, she maintained a high level of respect as a business woman, talented artist, doting mother and adoring wife. Since her child’s birth, Beyonce’s been trying to convince us that she’s a simple girl, who’s in love with the man of her life and they’ve shared that love by having a bundle of joy in Blue Ivy.

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I believe she’s lost in a whirlwind of postpartum depression and she’s juggling all the balls in life she willingly picked up, while being one of the most iconic stars of our time. I won’t even pretend to understand that type of pressure, but from my seat, Beyonce’s struggling with accepting her own greatness.

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