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Spring is officially here, and you know what that means! Short skirts and jumpsuits – two dirty fashion words if you have cellulite you‘ve been covering up all Winter long! An issue I know we all suffers from (including me). Thank goodness my problem area is only reserved to a small section on my right thigh… a dimple that’s been holding court there for far too long.

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And while I can appreciate the thinking behind showing off your legs when temperature outdoors demands it, what do you do if your budget doesn’t include an Endermologie treatment that helps lessen the appearance of cellulite and costs in the range of $1200-$2000? You invest in the likes of the bliss fatgirlslim Lean Machine ($145, bliss which costs hundreds less, you can do as often as you like, and feels like a professional treatment that delivers on results quickly.

My initial thought was that this machine wouldn’t be user-friendly and way too big to manage with my small hands. I was wrong on all fronts. As soon as I popped the box open, I let out a chuckle because the device in the box looked smaller than I envisioned. It’s a compact design, easy to control, and yet the device looked and felt substantial enough to make a difference on the pockets of cellulite that lived on my thighs.

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All you need to do is to apply the fatgirlslim cream where you want it – stomach, thigh, buttocks. Then you slide your right or left hand through the slip on top, turn on the machine and immediately the device goes to work. If the initial suction level is too much starting out, just adjust the setting for your comfort level and keep it moving. You can also ease up on the suction level because at the base of your middle finger is a suction-release button for super quick control.

I only used this machine for a few minutes before I decided that it would be a part of my life for months and years to come. I enjoyed the massage action of the two rollers and honestly felt the results that I was after – to have toned contoured legs to die for without the huge expense. If you’ve got cellulite, I suggest you make ‘Lean Machine’ a definite contender for your shopping dollars. Your only repeated out of pocket cost is the ‘fatgirlslim cream,’ but beyond that nothing more because the device also comes with a charger so you can use it forever!

VERDICT: I love it!

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