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Like you, I’ve been enamored with Chris Brown and Rihanna’s love affair going public and Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s baby announcement to pay attention the real issues of the world that deserve careful consideration.

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Our financial world needs a band-aid, the powers that be of reality shows need a lobotomy and high school students who add value by being talented in sports can get away with murder…well, rape. Check out the stories smart chicks should be reading this week.

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1. Unemployment Rate Remains Steady

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s been 155,000 jobs added to the U.S. economy in December. These jobs are keeping the unemployment rate steady below eight percent. This is the lowest rate we’ve seen since 2008. Read the full data on Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Fiscal Cliff, Debt Limit Increase & Temporary Government Shutdowns

Even though there’s been a deal to resolve the fiscal cliff, by the end of February, lawmakers will still have to struggle with $1 trillion cuts and a debt limit increase. They also have to deal with keeping the government funded. President Obama refuses to negotiate the debt ceiling based on principle. It’s been said that Republicans need to be prepared for a temporary partial government shutdown to achieve spending cuts. Check out the full story on Huffington Post.

3. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Shawty-Lo’s Ratchetpiece Theatre

“I’m tired of brothers not having to be emotionally accountable for their relational choices. I’m tired of the way patriarchy’s love affair with capitalism sets men up to think that manhood and fatherhood are tied to one’s bank account.” And that my friends is the long and short of what women with brains feel about Shawty-Lo and all his “Baby Mommas.” Check out the full op-ed on Crunk Feminist Collective.

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4. President Obama Wins…Officially

The tally for the U.S. Electoral College vote has affirmed President Obama’s second victorious win. The count showed President Obama landing 332 electoral votes, which is far more than the 270 required to win the presidency, to 206 for Republican Mitt Romney. Well, there you have it–a landslide folks! Check out the full story on The Grio.

5. How To Date A Black Nerd AKA A “Blerd”

There’s a new epidemic out there and it’s the “blerd–” a black nerd, if you will. With tips like embrace, don’t efface and allow for idiosyncratic conversation, dating one of these “blerds” seems a bit more complicated than expected. Check out these tips from Clutch Mag.

6. Steubenville’s High School Rape Crew

A 12-minute video was recently released with a Steubenville, OH high school student drunkenly bragging about how much he raped a fellow high schooler. This small town is one of those you see in motivational football movies. You know–a town that glorifies its talented footballers and allows them privileges no one else gets. The video went viral, racking up countless comments of disdain, disgust and despair. Check out the full story on Jezebel.

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