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Make your resume stand out from the pack with these expert tips.

Although Cosby and his legal team are openly acknowledging his extra-marital affairs, they are still denying that Cosby took part in any criminal activity.

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A study of 100 American cities, facilitated by Measure of America (an initiative of the Social Science Research Council), found that segregation is still affecting…

Here are all the top news headlines every smart black chick would want on her radar today. Your welcome.

As employees, specifically responsible employees, we sometimes tend to put up with and endure jobs and careers that we might not particularly care for. Maybe you are working in an industry in which you have absolutely no interest. Perhaps your boss is total and utter a**hole, who makes your life a living hell, or the […]

The importance of having an up-to-date resume has been stressed upon most of us since our senior year in high school. After all, the resume is perceived to be the golden ticket that assists you in landing the perfect job you have always dreamed of. Though a resume plays a very important role in the […]

President Obama will be announcing a plan to help Americans who continue to struggle to find jobs, even as the economy recovers from recession. This plan is a part of an economic strategy he will lay out in his annual State of the Union address. According to reports, President Obama has vowed to address the […]

Prior to the recession, there was always a stigma of being fired or laid off as opposed to resigning from a job. Most times, it’s reported that a person who offers up a resignation would be more marketable and hireable than someone who was terminated. However, as we are still dealing with an unstable employment […]

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According to the National Urban League‘s 2013 “State Of Black America” address, while there has been some progress, African Americans are still being hit hard…

Like you, I’ve been enamored with Chris Brown and Rihanna’s love affair going public and Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s baby announcement to pay attention the real issues of the world that deserve careful consideration. Must Read: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Laz Alonso Our financial world needs a band-aid, the powers that be of […]