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Solange will be featured in V Magazine’s Fearless Females of Music Issue and she talks about her latest release, True EP, which comes out on November 27th. I am so excited about this EP because I am a true believer in Solange as an artist.

It’s obvious that she’s got the kind of big sister that can easily take all the spotlight and leave the adorable Sol-Angel waiting in the wings. She doesn’t wait quietly though. Solange’s sound is far away from Beyonce’s powerhouse, sometimes upbeat and mostly pop music.

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Beyonce’s little sister is quirky, fun and has the kind of melody that caresses your ear drums. Check out this snippet of the True EP and if you’re not anticipating the full EP by the end of the tease, close this post now! But I guarantee that you’ll be hooked on Solange and ready for True EP’s release.

1. “Losing You”

2. “Some Things Never Seem to F*cking Work”

3. “Locked in Closets”

4. “Lovers in the Parking Lot”

5. “Don’t Let Me Down”

6. “Look Good With Trouble”

7. “Bad Girls (Verdine Version)”

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Solange on her new album:

There are a lot of songs about sex. It’s the kind of record you put on when your man is coming over, when you’re with your girls. There are songs that make you wanna dance because we were kind of partying our way through the record, but it’s very chill. My references for the record were all Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, not just their typical Janet and Prince stuff, but SOS Band and their b-sides with Chaka Khan. At first the songs were really dark because I had a premonition before the record that I was going to die. I was having panic attacks and wiling out. [But] I don’t need anyone telling me ‘this isn’t cool enough’ or anyone from the opposite end saying ‘this seems kind of weird.’ I’m lucky enough to have been in this business for so long that I know how it works. It’s not that hard. It’s not rocket science.

Don’t you love it?!

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