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Will it ever stop? Can’t he just let my President be great? Last week, Donald Trump released a video and conducted a press conference, asking for President Barack Obama‘s college transcripts to be released in exchange for a million dollar donation to a charity of the President’s choice.

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Now Trump is back at it again, trying desperately to convince us that our President should not be re-elected, using Hurricane Sandy as an example.

A few hours later, Solange Knowles tweeted her displeasure with Donald Trump. It’s no surprise which team she is on, her sister is bff’s with Michelle Obama.

And shortly after many others sounded off too…

That last tweet made me giggle a bit inside and I wholeheartedly agree with Solange. Please have a seat Mr. Trump. Your antics prove nothing other than you are willing to use any platform available in attempts to defame someone’s character. And #TeamObama is not listening!


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