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Mitt Romney’s been having a couple of bad days in his presidential campaign. The Republican candidate has had harsh political critics go in on his lack of tact with some of his notable quotables like–“I like being able to fire people,” Corporations are people, my friend,” and remember the time he told college students to simply borrow money from their parents to start a business? Oh and let us not forget how he insulted people voting for Obama by calling them freeloaders. Romney will never understand the common people.

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It would seem that all of these things combined would lead the middle class far, far away from the candidate who seems so out of touch with the common people. However, according to a Republican poll analysis on Politico, Romney’s winning over the middle class. I know! I’m just as confused as you are.

Many political critics wrote opinion pieces claiming Romney’s campaign needed serious revision. But according to Politco’s poll to middle class voters and families, that may not be the case. Romney is only being led by President Obama on the ballot by 2.6 points.

When Politico polled middle class families (which comprise about 54% of the total American electorate who split their vote behavior between Republicans and Democrats), Romney holds a 14-point advantage to President Obama (55% to Obama’s 41%). Check out more of the shocking numbers below.

Middle class families are more inclined to believe the country is on the wrong track:

34% right direction, 62% wrong track

More likely to hold an unfavorable view of Obama:

48% favorable, 51% unfavorable

Hold a more favorable view of Romney:

51% favorable, 44% unfavorable

Disapproval rating on the job Obama is doing as president:

45% approve, 54 percent disapprove

Obama on the economy:

56% disapprove

Obama’s spending

61% disapprove

Obama’s taxes

53% disapprove

Obama on Medicare:

48% disapprove

Obama’s foreign policy:

50% disapprove

All of these unbelievable numbers make it clear that Romney has won the strong support of middle class families and is leading over President Obama on an overwhelming majority of key political points beyond just the ballot.

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Ironically, the one thing Obama led Romney on was “standing up for the middle class” (+8 Obama), which basically proves that Democrats usually have the ability to win the middle class in principle, but not in actual numbers. I’m a bit nervous about this election if that’s the case. Romney has no connection to the middle class, but when polled, he’s the clear winner. We can’t let the election go the Republican route. We just can’t!

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