Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney schools his party on Donald Trump's f*ckery.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney takes to Twitter to share his feelings on the Confederate Flag still flying in Charleston.

Mitt Romney has accepted Melissa Perry-Harris’ apology and he says he’s ready to “move on.” During a visit on “Fox News Sunday,” the former Republican presidential candidate said he’s taken the high road and forgiven the MSNBC host for her distasteful jokes about his his adopted African-American grandson Kieran James. “I think her apology was […]

For iPad/iPhone users: The Melissa Harris Perry story and eventual apology got me thinking about all of the apologies we heard in 2013. And there…

If voters were heading to the polls to vote today, Mitt “Mittens” Romney, a.k.a Mr. 47 percent,  would defeat President Barack Obama, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday. MUST READ: Arne Duncan: ‘White Suburban Moms’ Scared Their Kids Aren’t ‘As Brilliant As They Thought’ In the WaPo/ABC poll, Romney defeated President Obama […]

Former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney showed off his new grandchild on Twitter today, and to everyone’s surprise he’s a black baby boy. According to Romney’s post, his 22nd grandchild, Kieran James Romney, “was officially adopted today.” MUST READ: Idiot Who Supported Mitt Romney With A Face Tattoo Wants It Removed [PHOTO] The new bundle of […]

First thing’s first. This man who tattooed a Romney-Ryan logo on his face is an independent professional wrestler from Indiana. I think that cuts him a little bit of slack while on his way to his seat. You know, because he needs to have one. Even though we all know tattoos aren’t such a permanent […]

Maybe it was the sadness that consumed my heart when a third Kevin Clash accuser came forward or it could have been the nausea I felt from hearing the name, “Mr. Tickler;” no wait, I know what it was. It was Rihanna and Chris Brown’s tragic, yet enthralling love story that ain’t “Nobody’s Business” that […]

This week’s headlines had my mind reeling. From President Obama’s “anger” to Elmo aka Kevin Clash’s sordid love affair, there’s so much that needed to be read this week. Must Read: Black Friday 2012: How To Get Through This Marathon Day Of Shopping We’ve compiled a short list of stories that are sure to add […]

Everyone’s favorite Republican, Stacey Dash appeared on “The View” today as their co-host and before Stacey could even get settled in, the resident spit-fire Joy Behar challenged her on why she supports Mitt Romney. The entire audience giggled as Behar questioned Dash’s choices. Must Read: General David Petraeuss’ Cheating Is An Example Of Growing Moral […]

This week has been so busy, we need to catch up on what #TeamBeautiful’s been up to just like you (should)! Check out some of our hottest stories from this week. We don’t mind if you spend the entire day on, just catching up. It’s the weekend, you deserve to treat yourself! We’ll see […]

It seems as though the Romney Campaign believes in the power of positivity! They created a website to reflect the possible Mitt Romney victory. What’s so bad about this website is that President Obama obviously won and the Romney’s site went live for an ENTIRE DAY, proclaiming the former Massachusetts governor as the president-elect. Must […]