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Admittedly, I am not a political genius. I know the bare bones. Matter of fact, I only pay attention to the superficially political pop culture stories. I avoid political conversations at all costs. Here are my surface-level opinions:

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But in an effort to expand my global vocabulary, (and just in case you find yourself in the midst of a political debate this week), I’ve complied a bit of a cheat sheet for you so that you won’t be embarrassingly silent when folks are talking about the election, the 47 or 43 percent or Pawlenty resigning from Romney’s campaign. I’ll be doing this weekly from now — you’re welcome.

1. Mitt Romney’s “47 % Remarks”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney put his foot in his mouth in a “secret video” at a private fundraiser by calling Americans voting for President Obama people who do not “care for their lives.” Mother Jones had a lot to say about Romney’s video.Check out the video here!

2. Whoopi Goldberg Hates Mitt Romney

The always outspoke “The View” host took to Twitter to express her disdain with Mitt Romney. She called him a “confused candidate” who “flushed his ideals down the drain” and “sheds ideas faster than a snake sheds skin.” And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.Check out Whoopi’s entire rant over at Politico!

3. Operation “Fast & Furious” & Attorney General Eric Holder’s Exoneration

Attorney General Eric Holder–yes, the one that was the first Attorney General to be held in contempt of court by a full house vote, (and also happens to be Black), is also the same man who was ruled blameless by an accusatory report that uncovered errors in judgement in the “Fast & Furious” gun-trafficking scandal. “Fast & Furious” is a controversial undercover operation that allowed U.S. guns to be walked into Mexico. It has been deemed a “risky strategy” that did not “adequately take into account the significant danger to public safety that it created.”Check out the full story of his exoneration on The Guardian

4. Teacher Strike In Chicago

We’ve had our eye on the Chicago teacher’s strike and though the teachers have returned to work, the fight isn’t over. Teachers may have returned to the classroom, but the battle has only just begun. Check out the full story of their fight over on The Root.

5. Pat Buchanan President Obama Is A “Drug Dealer On Welfare”

Conservative jerk, Pat Buchanan has decided that in light of Romney’s “47 Percent” comments, he should come to his defense. Buchanan was quoted saying that Romney believes in temporary help for anyone that is trouble, but President Obama is a “drug dealer of welfare” who wants to keep Americans dependent on the government. And it gets worse! Check out the full scoop on The Grio.

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