As I was gazing at my daughter while she was playing, I couldn’t help but watch the years pass by and be amazed at just how quickly it happen. I am just so amazed how fast she is growing up. She is independent and she is such a little lady. As I continued my gaze, all types of things started going through my mind.

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Puberty, first boyfriend, first break-up, sweet sixteen, prom, college, etc. etc. I guess it was a reality check for me. I realized at that very moment that she will eventually want to spread her wings and leave the nest. *tears*

Of course this is what every parent wants, for their child to be independent and successful but I won’t lie it scares the heck out of me just thinking about it. Will I ever be ready to let her go? I think this is the ultimate question. Can we ever be truly ready or do we ever really truly let go?

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Honestly I wish I knew the answer to this. I wish I could looking into a crystal ball and see the future but I can’t. I think all I can do at this moment in time is continue to nurture her. Continue to support her. Continue to be there when she falls. I truly believe that if I can do this, then I can begin to find peace with letting her discover life on her own. Pray for me y’all!


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