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Teaching children that they can do anything that they put their minds to is very important. As a mom, I always try to correct my daughter when she says she can’t do something. Given that my daughter is only three and the things she says she can’t do are somewhat simplistic, I still make it a point to let her know to first, try again and second to ask for help if she still can’t manage it on her own.

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Since I have been doing this, I honestly have noticed the differences. Her first response always used to be, “I can’t,” but as time goes on and I correct her more and more each day, she is beginning to try harder to do things on her own. Now I am sure parents have different techniques for their own children because after all, each child is different and they learn differently.

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However, no matter how small or how big the task is children always need constant positive reinforcement. It is important that we nurture their creativity and drive to achieve because when they come to the very important moments in their lives (i.e. college) we hope that they will want to succeed and that they won’t give up on things that might not come easy to them. As parents, we must give them the tools but it’s what our children do with the tools that makes all the difference.

I know in my house, the word CAN’T is not an option!


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