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Let’s give dads some credit. Moms are not the only ones who have to juggle their responsibilities.Dads also have to keep the balance. From the pressures to excel at their jobs to finding time to spend with their families. it’s no easy task being a parent. Dads might not have the same pressures as moms but that doesn’t mean that their pressures are any less important.

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Recent article from the Wall Street Journal touches on this issue, “But it’s not all paternal sunshine and lollipops. Even as men have made great strides as fathers…they can find themselves rudderless as spouses,” Thomas says.

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“As they become more involved on the parenting front while usually maintaining their outside-the-home responsibilities, modern dads are facing the same work-and-family-balance issues that women have been dealing with for decades.” – The Juggle I think it’s important that we take notice to those dads that are taking responsibility for their families and remember that they also need support and understanding. Any man can be a father, but not every man can be a dad.

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