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Lipstick, move over because there’s a new diva on the scene and her name is nail polish! According to the consumer market research firm NPD, sales of nail polish are up 54% versus the previous go-to beauty product lipstick – which is only up 14% in 2011.

Lipstick has long been the barometer of our country’s economy according to Leonard Lauder of the Estee Lauder Companies.

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Coined by Leonard 10 years ago, the “Lipstick Index,” explores what beauty products female consumers buy when money’s tight or when tragedy hits – until now it’s been lipsticks – translation: we buy affordable products that make us feel good in the short term and doesn’t involve an expensive procedure like a full face lift to shift our moods in a positive way.

So what gives? The up tick in nail polish sales could be that borderline schizophrenic chicks like us like cool nail polishes and don’t want to feel guilty for indulging in what appears to be the trend explosion of the year. You could easily buy two or three nail polishes for the price of one quality lipstick – you do the math. Or maybe that buying a nail polish doesn’t require a ton of thought because you see it, you like it, you buy it. Or the reason could be that a nail shade could turn your frown into a smile – that’s powerful stuff ladies.

But enough analyzing why nail polish is the new “It” product and let’s get on with exploring some of the nail shades I think you should consider for your next shopping trip…

Although jewel tone nails are all the rage which is acknowledged by including the very rich, shimmery shade of Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish, Brilliant Blue ($17, in this entry, this polish had more going for it than just being a polish.

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