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MaintIf you are a dedicated acrylic wearer, you know how harsh they can be on your nails, especially if you don't do a good job of taking care of them. Regardless of what type of application you use—sculpted acrylic versus glued on tips, gel extensions or dip powder—there ends up being some wear and tear on your natural nails. Anyone who is committed longterm to nail extensions needs to be asking how to strengthen your nails after acrylics, so you don’t instead find yourself asking ‘why are my nails soft and bendy?’


There’s nothing better than a fresh manicure. But with every day that passes, you’re biding your time until your nail polish starts chipping away, and you need to schedule a new appointment. Time is a factor, of course, but taking showers, washing dishes, and even opening packages can all contribute to a shorter life span for your mani.

Sasha Obama showed off her long acrylic nails in a Tik Tok video and now the former first daughter is trending on Twitter because of it.