"The important thing for me was not to have any of the women with the same red on," she told HelloBeautiful.

Throwing on a shade of lipstick is more than just accenting your beauty look, for some it represents fashion, art, power, and history.

  “Those that don’t got it, can’t show it. Those that got it, can’t hide it.” Today is National Lipstick Day, it is an ode to one of most women’s favorite beauty products. The bible says, “he who finds a wife finds a good thing” and while we aren’t arguing that point, the book of […]

African Inspired beauty brand Juvia's Place released a nude lipstick collection called "The Nudes"


Buyin Black just got easier.

If you know nothing else about me, know that I am a lipstick connoisseur. I think I told you before that a large portion of my small fortune has been spent on lipstick. There aren’t many brands of lipstick that I haven’t had the pleasure of having in my possession. You name it, I can […]

Yes, I have spent a small fortune on lipstick and I can tell you a little or a whole lot about nearly any brand you mention. However, today I am here to share a few colors from the brand that makes my favorite red liquid lipstick, Juvia’s Place. Juvia’s Place is an African inspired brand […]

  We are on the heels on the Winter season. Time to trade those nude and orange fall-themed lipsticks for the wine reds and deep brown hues. Per usual, the rotation from bright colors to darker ones is making it’s way through our makeup vanities. While it’s always a good idea to have a classic […]


The brand's founder was previously rejected on the series 'Shark Tank.'


Their new red lip oil contains jojoba oil for super smooth and moisturized lips.