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Name: Angel Laws | Blogger

Age: 26

Some may call her a small town girl, accessories addict, boot fanatic, photographer, author, but she is best known for being the founder of Concrete Loop.

She describes Concrete Loop as an entertainment blog with a sophistication, where they try to speak on a variety of topics with depth, and not just celebrity gossip. They pride themselves on taking their time posting, and not just rushing to be the first to report, always taking a journalistic stand point.

She describes her personal blog Angel on Fire as a forum for her to share more behind the scenes on her own interests, such as fashion, jewelry, and what she is doing latest pertaining to Concrete Loop.

She started in November 2005 at the age of 20. She was looking at publications such as US Weekly and bloggers like Perez Hilton, that rarely touched on black celebrities. She figured she had the skills needed to start a blog, and started Concrete Loop so that she could discuss black celebrities and urban entertainment.

The moment she felt her blog had taken off was a build up of things. The first time she realized that celebrities were reading Concrete Loop was when Iman made a myspace blog post speaking on the website. Kanye West also shouted Concrete Loop out on his mixtape, and on the BET television show 106 and Park. That is when she realized it started getting bigger than it was.

Favorite Exclusive on the blog was an interview with Kanye West, because she is such a big fan of his. He invited her team on his Glow in the Dark Tour, and shouted Concrete Loop out on stage, which she thought was pretty crazy. Most recently, she enjoyed attending Beyonce’s listening party. She thought it was really dope that Beyonce actually took the time to come out and greet her fans.

She dreams of interviewing Oprah Winfrey. “You have to aim high.”

She is a fan of blogs such as, “a continual celebration of natural hair and women of all shades of beautiful” and, entertainment news and satire. All three of their blogs started around the same time, and she enjoys seeing them all grow.

Concrete Loop has been featured in top publications such as Time Magazine in 2008 as one of the “Top 50 Sites of 2008” , Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Tribune, LA Times, and New York Observer.

Her Photography is a mixture of professional work and enjoyment. She gives examples of some of her professional work, such as the Obama’s being on the campaign trail. When Michelle Obama stopped in her home state North Carolina, she filled out a press pass and took official photos for her speech, that fortunately will be in an up-and-coming book about Michelle’s fashion. Also, she has behind the scenes photos of Kanye West that people have expressed interests in, but she plans on keeping them exclusive for now.

Her first job was selling candy at school. The school found out, and banned candy selling, so she decided to sell it on the school bus instead. At an early age Angel showed that nothing would stop her from her success, not even school policies.

People might be surprised to know that she is anti-social, despite a career that requires her to be on the scene 24/7. She much rather stay at home and watch a little television.

She advises people who want to be professional or make money in blogging, to be consistent, stay motivated, and have some type of drive. It is a task. When you start getting more readers, more exclusive content, you have to keep going. People fall off after a few months, because they don’t realize how much hard work goes into bloggging professionally. She says have your own ideas, because when you start copying off of other people your content becomes diluted and played out. You have to find your own lane.

In the future Angel has a book coming out in July about blogging, called “Angels Laws of Blogging”. The book gives a background about herself and largely focuses on blogging tips to take your website to the next level. She also highlights behind the scene stories that she went through with various celebrities. Another project we can expect is a jewelry line that she hopes to launch later this year.

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