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There are several miscommunications and misunderstandings that occur between men and women daily. Some are avoidable and some are never ending. Check out the 5 most common misconceptions men have about women.

1. As much as he may try to empathize, he knows nothing about how you feel when you are on your period. For obvious reasons he never will. The most he can do is try to make you as comfortable as possible. For the ladies who have a man who at least is willing to TRY,  appreciate him for that because some guys don’t.

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2. Why your girlfriends can call you bitch but he can’t. Sometimes women use the word “bitch” in a jokingly fashion among their female friends. However, if your man dare calls you that then there will be repercussions. Some men feel that if you let your home girls say it then why should you get so upset if he does? Logically this makes sense because both sets of people are using the same word. However,  for some women the intention behind it matters more to them.

3. Why we feel the need to be so close to him. We want to know everything about our man. From his favorite foods to his dislikes, to how he is feeling on a day to day basis. Most men do not require that much emotional coddling. However, once a woman falls in love, she wants to be close to her man and get to know him extensively because she find comfort in the intimacy.

4. Why you keep a special eye out on his female friends. It has nothing to do with you not trusting him. It has more to do with you knowing how some women operate. Sometimes they can have a male friend and it can be platonic and then unexpectedly, something happens where they start looking at him “differently”. Most women are always on the look out for this type of reaction. Why shouldn’t she be? Obviously she sees something special in you. Wouldn’t it be safe to say that another woman would as well?

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5. Why you feel the need to talk to that one girlfriend about your issues. There is always at least one friend that every woman opens up to and sometimes discusses the issues she has with her man with. She may not tell her friend EVERYTHING and I would suggest that you do not. However, this friend is her shoulder to cry on when her man is acting like an ass. She is the person that she vents to. Some guys don’t understand the importance of this friend and why their woman talks about him to her. He may also assume that the friend is constantly bad mouthing him and in some cases she might be. For that reason he may feel uncomfortable with your relationship.

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