In an effort to understand the world of celebrity, we use four huge public figures to test the theory of the 4 personality types: driver, expressive, amiable, analytical.

The Tyras

Tyra Banks knows what she wants. She shot to fame as an internationally recognized model, only to increase her profile by gracing the small screen with her smash hits, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘The Tyra Banks Shows’

Tyra’s our figurehead of the driver personality type. She’s hardworking, energentic and objective-focused. Time will tell just how many more surprises she’s got for us.

The Oprahs

If there were any figure better than Oprah to head a personality type, please tell! Oprah is a phenomenon in herself but she’s also got a huge personality.

Oprah is considered to have an expressive personality type. She’s enthusiastic and a good motivator – her TV show and campaigning for President Obama can prove it. Oprah is also a brilliant saleswomen and she’s competitive too. Her business empire has placed her at the top of countless rich lists. She also ranks highly on just about any ‘Most Powerful Women’ tally.

The Beyoncés

We love Beyoncé and it’s likely that she loves us all too. Beyoncé fits the amiable personality type – a warm, kind-hearted human being who tends to enjoy arts, music and poetry in lieu of conflict or nasty situations.

Beyoncé is of course a multi-award winning artists who rarely falls into the traps of the media or into petty celeb dramas. She’s soft spoken and can appear timid, but she blends into any situation well.

The Halles

From the exterior Halle Berry has excelled in all aspects of life. This analytical personality type appears to have finely tuned her path to glory as one of the world’s most desired women and sought-after celebrity figures. She may even dazzle the cover of Vogue‘s September issue.

But is Halle happy? Unfortunately she’s been unlucky in love… very unlucky. We’ll leave this one with you. So do you think Halle is highly critical and pessimistic in nature? If so, she’s definitely our analytical type.

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