Tyra Bank's premium ice cream brand SMiZE is headed to Abu Dhabi.

These Black female super models have greatly influenced fashion with their melanin, runway strut and fearlessness.

"Some take a chill pill. I take a wig break," she wrote.

Tyra Banks is the epitome of a businesswoman. She has cultivated a career that continues to inspire every single woman from all walks of life. Whether you’re an aspiring model, entrepreneur, scholar, TV producer, actress, or author, she proves that you can do it all – and be successful at it. Tyra began her career […]

The 46-year-old supermodel took to social media to apologize, but not directly to Dani Evans, the young woman she bullied into "fixing" the gap in her teeth.

The stunning melanated beauty gets the last word on that infamous clip of being berated by Tyra Banks for not wanting "to fix" the gap in her teeth.

Does Tyra Banks owe ANTM fans an apology?