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Lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret has been ordered to compensate employees in a case settlement for $12 million. The settlement was the result of a lawsuit that was filed by a former employee of the retail chain store back in 2014. Mayra Casas had become frustrated with what the store was enforcing as “on-call” shifts and filed the class-action suit, claiming the practice “required them to mold their lives around the possibility that they might have the chance to work more hours.”

This requirement caused painful inconveniences for employees, especially since the on-call shift practice never guarantees having to work, yet requires the employee to be on a “stand-by” status throughout the day. This often makes it difficult to make plans for the personal life, such as getting bills paid, making babysitter arrangements, or even just relaxing.

The lawsuit originally called for $37 million in damages plus payment for the extra time employees had to give before and after their shifts at the opening and closing of stores, but after mediation, an agreement was reached for $12 million,which will be distributed among thousands of employees and the litigation’s legal team.

Has this changed anything for Victoria’s Secret? Well, the company got rid of the “on-call” practice in 2015 as a result of the original lawsuit which was supported by California law and quoted in the law suit. It states that employees must be paid for their reporting time and at least half of what they would normally be paid if they end up not having to work at all as a result of being on-call, or for two hours of work if they come in and only have to work for an hour or less.

No comment has been provided by Victoria’s Secret at this time.


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