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Actor, Tristan Wilds can now be referred to as Mack Wilds the Hip Hop and R&B singer. Now signed by Grammy-nominated producer, SalaAM ReMi’s new label–Re Mi Fa/Louder Than Life (through Sony)–Mack is setting the tone for the new musical imprint. And what a tone he’s setting. Mack’s debut album, “New York: A Love Story” is set to be released on September 17th, but the lead single, “Own It” is available now on iTunes for download. And let us be the first to tell you, the tale of a man who has everything in the world, but has his heart fixed on a girl to share it all with, wrapped in his surprisingly sweet R&B vocals and catchy beat is refreshing. Mack Wilds is definitely what’s next in R&B!

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Despite Mack Wilds sharing his love affair with the Big Apple and his new music being the hottest thing since Joseline Hernandez’s sex tape, we’re all the way invested in Mack as young man from Staten Island is just plain…interesting.

Don’t believe us? Check out his Instagram! We did and that’s why when he came to visit #TeamBeautiful, we had him teach us a few things. Check out the videos!

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