In her bid to regain custody of Michael Jackson’s three children Katherine Jackson issued a sworn declaration to the courts, which strongly suggest that she was barred from contacting her grandkids. TMZ has obtained the documents, where Katherine claims that she was scheduled to go on a road trip to see her sons perform in […]

Jermaine Jackson has had a change of heart, and is calling for a an end to the public feud that has embroiled his family in the past week saying issues over the care of his mother and with late brother Michael’s estate should be handled privately. According to TMZ, Jackson wrote a statement that was […]

Diana Ross is set to sign off on a new proposed custody agreement regarding Michael Jackson’s three children. Michael Jackson’s will stipulated that if his mother, Katherine, was unable to care for the children, Diana Ross was his next choice. The diva is set to agree to OK a proposed custody agreement in which Michael […]

At this point in the Jackson family drama, I am starting to wonder which one won’t speak out on all that’s happening within the family from Katherine’s disappearing acts to Paris’ way-too-much tweeting. The latest of the Jackson clan to speak out is Tito’s daughter Tanay. Must Read: Bollywood Actress To Be Playboy’s 1st Indian […]

Even though Jermaine Jackson says his family will heal and get through the drama that is taking place, it may not happen in the Jackson compound. Janet, Randy, Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson have been barred from entering Katherine’s Calabasas home, according to a letter allegedly written by Michael Jackson Estate lawyer, Howard Weitzman. The letter […]

Looks like Katherine Jackson has had a change of heart…after losing custody of her grandchildren to her grandson TJ yesterday, Katherine has decided to share custody. Katherine’s attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ , TJ and Katherine will file a request for JOINT GUARDIANSHIP with the court early next week, and they expect it will be […]

Legendary singer Gladys Knight appeared on “The Talk” and weighed in on the Jackson family drama. Gladys is old-school and said Paris needs to respect her elders: “If [Paris] called me that, she would have no teeth … That’s how we were brought up. You respect your elders.” She told the audience of “The Talk.” […]

With his family reeling out of control, Joe Jackson is back in LA to lay down the law. According to TMZ, Joe arrived to the family’s famous home moments ago in Encino, CA. This is the first sighting of Papa Joe since his wife Katherine went missing. Joe lives in Vegas and is rarely seen […]

Katherine Jackson who has been M.I.A in Arizona is reportedly on her way home, so says her youngest son Randy Jackson. Randy appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning and announced his mother was finally coming home just one day after older brother Tito withdrew from contesting Michael’s will. He also stated that Paris and […]

Chris Brown, who knows a thing or two about having a nasty drama played out in public, wants the Jackson clan to end their public feud. Chris took to Twitter to speak his mind about the family feud: Umm Chris you need to just stay in your lane and duck bottles! Keep up […]

Janet Jackson faced off with her niece, Paris Jackson, who has been spilling family secrets to the world via Twitter. Police were called to the Jackson compound on Monday, after reports of a fight at the home involving various family members. “Lost Hills deputies responded to a family disturbance at the home of Katherine Jackson […]

Michael Jackson‘s family members are targeting the executors of his estate with accusations that they forged his last will and testament. According to the NY Daily News, the latest dust-up is over the very strongly worded letter — one source called it “insulting” — sent by the Jackson siblings, led by Randy and Jermaine, to […]