Plus, a Connecticut judge refuses to throw out a Sandy Hook gunmaker lawsuit and AMC theaters might let you text during movies.

I’ve declared that I would go on at least four dates a month. I’m a single girl in New York City, so I figured it wouldn’t that hard to find people to spend time with. While finding folks and letting folks find me wasn’t a big issue, the consistency in communication and the lack of […]

According to a new study on couples, technology has become a key actor in the life of many American adults who are married or in committed relationships. The report reveals that couples use digital tools like the Internet, cell phones and social media — both small and large moments — to help facilitate communication and support. […]

“What do you like to do for fun?” I read the text from the stocky, caramel-complected, hazel-eyed man I’d met three weeks prior walking to the train on my way to work one Wednesday morning. It’s been 20 days since Mel and I met and reading this text had me all up in my thoughts. […]

If you use technology as much as I do, you’ve probably experienced the following scenario: you text someone or post a comment without thinking on someone’s Facebook wall and there’s that one person that takes the interaction completely out of proportion. The worst case scenario is if this person is your significant other or someone […]

(From Whether you’re the sender or receiver, it’s pretty hard to avoid the Late Night Booty Text these days. We’ve already shared ways to compose a good LNBT, but here are the top ten we hope you never send a guy.

Rumor has it that Nas is busy trying to get Kelis back while he sinks deeper into financial trouble.

From RadarOnline: Many of Oprah Winfrey’s employees are angry that she made them sign a pledge not to use their phones while driving.