LeBron James & JR Smith were just a few of many high-powered stars who reached out to encourage middle-school student Keaton Jones, even though his mother is a cyber bully herself.

A New Hampshire family is searching for answers after their little boy was injured in an attempted lynching.

Police are investigating the disappearance of six teens who came from Burundi to D.C. for an international robotics competition.

Halle and Brea Holmes noticed a lack of natural beauty products for teen girls with fun and flirty scents that wasn’t too harsh on their young skin when they were searching for products for their spa party. Highly disappointed with the offerings, Halle asked her sister, Brea, “Why don’t we start our own?” I love […]

Lately there has been an increase in children getting bullied by their peers at school. I’m not talking about the old school sh*t and giggles, or the dozens. In 2010, bullying has gone to a more personal level. Now students don’t necessarily escape bullying when they go home. With the help of the cyber world, […]

The release of last month's employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that black teen unemployment was at 38 per cent of the participating labor force of this demographic. This is particularly concerning as we enter the summer months where teens are easily distracted by external influences and a lack of school responsibilities. So what can you do to keep your teen out of trouble? This is what we think:

Tyra is back on her grind. She has a new show coming out that is geared towards plus sized teens. Here’s what she told  media outlets last night:

According to a recent medical study, teens whose mothers drank while pregnant may find the smell of alcohol more appealing than their peers do.