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Lately there has been an increase in children getting bullied by their peers at school. I’m not talking about the old school sh*t and giggles, or the dozens. In 2010, bullying has gone to a more personal level. Now students don’t necessarily escape bullying when they go home. With the help of the cyber world, kids can harass their classmates at school and at home.

They can easily jump online, post hateful Facebook statuses attacking other students, send out mass emails with derogatory emails against other students, then go to school and do this habitual harassment face to face. Offering the victims no escape from their attackers and taking bullying to a new inescapable level. Bullying is causing more than a few tears, it is now leading to suicide and depression. Five teen suicides have occurred in less than three weeks. All five were victims of bullies.

Should A Parent Be A Friend To Their Child?

At what point should the parents step in? A few weeks ago a video surfaced of a man jumping on the school bus and verbally threatening the students who were harassing his young disabled daughter. Some were shocked and appalled by his reaction but I cheered him on. You see, I have a younger sister who has cerebral palsy and if someone dared harassed her in any way, I would hit the roof. My parents would as well. In that way, I empathized with his frustrations. No parent wants to sit back and allow their child to be bullied.

So, although the man’s methods may not have been the most mature, I can comprehend his frustrations. In the recent months there have been a few different cases of kids killing themselves because they were being harassed by their peers for either being gay, or simply being different. I can’t help but to think that maybe if their parents were more forceful with the school administrators about.. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

“Waiting For Superman” Explores The Failure Of US Education System

For 2024’s iteration of MadameNoire and HelloBeautiful’s annual series Women to Know, we knew we wanted to celebrate the people who help make the joys of film and television possible. To create art is to create magic. This year, we spotlight Hollywood Executive’s changing the face of cinema.