Even in the face of a pandemic, one of our favorite hair care lines is still living by their motto of "community commerce" and giving back.

Starting a business takes a lot of prayer, planning, confidence, and, most important, money. Some entrepreneurs have been able to start from literally nothing and build empires from the ground up. Others have come out of the gate looking for, and securing, small business loans to assist with the expenses associated with starting their own […]


f you haven't heard, Black women have exploded on the entrepreneurial scene and more and more of us are looking to go independent and start our own business.

I come from a long line of superwomen, and I am certain you do as well.

Tired of being overworked and underpaid? Ready to do your own thing? Must Read: What Tax Bracket Am I In? Well, you aren’t alone. I speak to women every week who say they want to take the plunge into converting their dreams, thoughts and ideas into reality. But, not so fast! Before you jump off the […]

Every day I coach women who are waiting for more time, waiting for children to grow up, waiting to get married or waiting for some person, place or thing outside of themselves to make their dreams come to fruition. When I ask why not go after their dreams NOW, the number one answer is that […]