Financial Freedom

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Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and financial educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche worked together to draft and advocate a financial literacy bill that would give kids a fighting chance at the future.

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It’s that glorious time of year when bank accounts catch a glimmer of hope and lump sums give our balances a boost. This magical time, full of false security and dreams of lavish living, is also known as “tax refund season.” While some of us may owe money, most people will see a nice little […]

Financial Freedom

Radio One and American Express Serve have teamed up to empower African-American women with a series of expos being hosted by leading urban radio stations across the country. American Express Serve and Radio One, which is the parent company of Hello Beautiful, introduced the One VIP Card from American Express Serve, which is a full […]

Everyone is always working on their finances. If not, they should be. Life is expensive honey. There’s a ton of different advice columns, blogs and more dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom. And while it may seem hard to decide which monthly expenses to cut back, you’ve got to know that you don’t have […]

It’s the new year, so we’re all doing better, right? Right! One resolution that we should make a habit is looking for new ways to trim our monthly budgets. While it may seem hard to decide which monthly expenses to cut back, examining more affordable and convenient options on the market can make the financial […]

Money can often be the cause for the demise of many marriages, so instead of dealing with things down the line, why not start things off financially on the right foot? From sharing bank accounts, to setting financial goals, to making sure one has enough insurance, there’s a lot for new married couples to discuss. […]

Working as a freelancer and/or taking the road of entrepreneurship both have tons of positive attributes. You can work from home, or wherever you want for that matter, you can also set your own hours, the clients you decide to take are strictly up to you, and you can be equally as discretionary when it […]

Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds and separate…

It’s wedding season, but before the happy couple can tie the knot, there is another not-so-romantic topic that all newlyweds or engaged couples need to think about: finances. More than a quarter of married couples say disagreements over finances are most likely to lead to arguments, according the American Institute of CPAs. Must Read: What […]

Financial Freedom

I started dating when I was fifteen. I got married at thirty-two. That means that I spent over half of my life interacting with the opposite sex. I learned a lot. My dating history, coupled with my passion for personal finance coach and girl power has molded some strong beliefs about men and money. Must […]