Some loyal viewers of 'Insecure' are outraged the show does not depict proper condom use.

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Yet, African-Americans still bear the brunt of the epidemic, accounting for 44 percent of new infections each year.

Good old “Uncle Luke” Campbell from 2 Live Crew fame wants help reduce teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections are having on underserved communities by teaming up with b Condoms. This summer, Luke will donate 5,000 Platinum XL b condoms to Miami, FL area non-profit organizations. Mr. “Me So Horny” seems to be […]

Fresh from the hoosegow, a virile young ex-con returns home with newfound sexual habits that threaten his relationships and the health of the women he loves. What happens when your husband/boyfriend is incarcerated for an extended period of time? Does he become “priestly”? Or does he adapt to his surroundings? Filmmaker, Rod Gailes OBC, addresses […]

Grammy-winning rapper/actor Ludacris who teamed up with Trojan Magnum condoms to help launch a safe sex campaign and nationwide search to give deserving young artists a shot at stardom, sat down with me to talk about the project. Ludacris:     Hey Abiola, what’s going on? Abiola:     Hey Luda.  I am really really excited to talk to […]

It’s been reported that police in D.C., the city with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the country, are using possession of condoms as evidence of sex work.

There’s nothing scarier than the mid-lovemaking realization that the condom broke. As we all know condoms are not 100% safe but there are many ways you can make sure they are less likely to break.