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There’s nothing scarier than the mid-lovemaking realization that the condom broke. As we all know condoms are not 100% safe but there are many ways you can make sure they are less likely to break.

1. All Condoms Are Not Equal

Pick and chose your condoms wisely. There are very poor quality condoms circulating out there and some really high quality brands as well. We hate to break the news that those good ol’ regular Trojans just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Try to find brands like Crown, Vivid, Kimono and Beyond Seven. These are top-notch condoms that will provide maximum pleasure while being less likely to break.

2. Size MattersOne of the biggest condom malfunction causes is due to size. If the condom is too small this will increase the chances of it breaking. Our advice is to try a few out and find one that fits your partner comfortably. If you both are having trouble finding the right fit you might need to try something bigger like, Trojan Magnums. If you need something a bit smaller try Mamba condoms. FYI: If you’re buying Kimono condoms, remember these run a tiny bit small, making the ‘large’ size more like a regular.

3. Putting The Condom On

This is another area where a lot of mistakes are made that can be easily prevented. First make sure the condom is being unrolled on the right direction. The lip should be facing outward, not inward. Squeeze the air out of the tip before rolling up. If there are any air bubbles the condom is very likely to break. A little lube in the tip of the condom also helps minimize friction, which is both more comfortable for the wearer and adds to the effectiveness of the condom.

4. Cleaning Up

Always take off the condom away from you and your private parts to avoid any accidental spillage. Then make sure to tie the condom up and dispose of it (the toilet is not a good idea, unless you want to have to ring your plumber at 3am).

5. What If The Condom Breaks?

STOP. Hopefully it will happen before the boys were let loose and the broken condom can be removed and replaced it with a new one. If it happens after he popped the cork, then it’s unfortunately all a game of chance.

6. Condom Myths

“Using two condoms will provide a double barrier against STI’s and pregnancy.”

FALSE! This only increases the chances of condom breakage.

“I only have to put it on if I’m going to go all the way.”

This is also FALSE. Having any sexual contact unprotected will expose you to STI’s. Pre-ejaculate can be a baby just waiting to happen.

I hope this gave you some insight on how to have the safest and most fun sex you can possibly have! Now, wrap it up and start gettin’ down to business!

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