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Being safe doesn’t mean your sex life has to be a chore. Just by using a little imagination you can protect yourself and have a wild time in the sack. So forget about your dull sex-ed class in high school and read on for hot tips to make your (safe) sex life sexy!

1. Asses your risk. Just because it’s oral sex doesn’t mean you’re not at risk! Just because you won’t get pregnant doing it that way doesn’t mean you’re not at risk! Check out this handy risk assesment chart to find out when you should be protecting yourself the most.

2. Remember: Condoms keep getting thinner and thinner. These days there are tons of condoms to choose from that offer different sensations and textures. Take a look at Condom 101 for help on how to choose the best condom for you! Also, don’t be afraid of dental dams. They are highly effective in protecting you or your partner during cunnilingus or analingus. If you’re allergic to latex don’t even think about using lambskin condoms. Instead, try the huge variety of non-latex alternatives out there.

3. Lube it up! Lube can make condoms feel more comfortable for the wearer and keep things gliding along.

Now that you have the basics down, you’re probably ready for some sexy safe sex tips:

1. Experiment with condoms. Condoms can come with ridges, bumps and studs and in all different colors. There’s also condoms like Inspiral or Pleasure Plus that have pockets for extra sensation.

2. Condoms don’t have to taste gross. You can either buy some flavored condoms or use some flavored lube to get rid of that latext taste if it’s not to your liking.

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3. Is he complaining that he can’t feel anything? Try adding a c-ring to give him extra pleasure. Brands like Trojan make disposable vibrating c-rings that come with condoms which makes for a safe and sexy night!

4. Make it fun. Remember, sex is fun and you can have fun by leaving fun safe sex items around the house with I.O.U.’s or cupons attached to them, for example.

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