Good old “Uncle Luke” Campbell from 2 Live Crew fame wants help reduce teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections are having on underserved communities by teaming up with b Condoms. This summer, Luke will donate 5,000 Platinum XL b condoms to Miami, FL area non-profit organizations. Mr. “Me So Horny” seems to be turning over a new leaf. While we know and love him most for his ratchet booty-shaking tunes, we will not grow to respect him for his contributions to the world of safe sex.

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b Condoms chose Luke because “he is an iconic figure for his contributions to music, sports and at-risk youth and we believe this partnership provides a unique opportunity to extend his impact to community health.” I chuckled a bit when I read this. Luke has done more to promote sex that sexual health, but hey, cheers to him changing!

Luke will also be donating 1,000 Platinum XL b condoms through “Let the Runway Meet the Cause” to Empower U during the Florida Fashion Designers Expo Florida fashion week in Miami, FL. Luke says of his unexpected collaboration, “I am very excited to partner with b condoms to advocate safe sex. Teen pregnancy and STDs are mostly impacting African-Americans and Latinos and I want to help make a difference. It’s time for everyone to go Platinum.”

What do you think about “Uncle Luke” pushing condoms? Funny or effective?

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