Black girls are five more times likely to be suspended then white girls, the study reveals.

Zoe Saldana, Sia, and Julianna Moore have partnered together to help advance an HIV cure, through music.

I recently read a blog from Popular Science that claimed birth order could explain relationship compatibility. Prone to wanting to keep my mind as open as possible, I found some interesting truths behind the blogger’s descriptions. My focus remained on personality types until I discovered some fascinating research into the connection between birth order and […]

One of Britain’s leading newspapers and online sources, the Daily Mail, claimed in April that there might be a case for mixed-race advantage in the UK. Using data from from Cardiff University‘s study of just 40 female students, the Mail claims people of mixed-race in the UK might be considered more beautiful and more successful. […]

We’ve all heard the ideas that women dress to impress other women or that society dictates what is and isn’t attractive. But are you aware of the inner, biochemical workings of your body and how they attract members of the opposite sex? We explored some research about human chemistry and sex appeal to see whether […]

(From Hey working parents—ready for some good news? A study detailed in today’s New York Times bears the surprising news that contrary to popular belief, working parents are actually spending more time with their kids. A lot more.

(From If your paycheck doesn’t reflect the extra effort you’ve been expending, it may be time to take actions into your own hands.