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I can unequivocally say that I absolutely abhor networking in its traditional sense. I am an introvert, with socialite tendencies, and the word networking conjures up thoughts of huge cold rooms, a sea of people in dull gray and blue suits, corny and unnecessary conversations with strangers and cheap wine. I mean, don’t get me […]

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Sad to say but summer is officially over. *sigh* Time to pull out that leather jacket, buy new snow boots, and prepare for the “Cuffing Season Olympics.” But before you go into hibernation, check out where you should be if you’re trying to meet other young Black professionals this fall and winter. 1. NATION’S FOOTBALL […]

Lauren Wesley Wilson, a Communications Strategist with MSLGROUP, saw a need amongst women in communications and that need was to authentically connect and create a space for us to network, grow and inspire one another as we all navigate through the workforce. So she created a luncheon in Washington, D.C. in May 2011 and with […]

Is finding a job about who you know or what ads you answer? When it comes to finding the next position, I believe there are several avenues to take and several stones to turn over to ultimately get what you want in your career. There is more than just one way of solving a problem […]

There are numerous support groups for women in every industry it seems. Whether it is WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), National Coalition for 100 Black Women, or a small intimate gathering of like-minded professional women, many women in the workplace make it a point to connect with other women as a support system when […]


Whether they were aware or not, I have had numerous female mentors, even if they were only mentors “in my head.” The very first person I considered a mentor, in a field I was remotely interested in, was Johnnie Walker, founder of National Association of Black Females and Executives in Entertainment (NABFEME) and former marketing […]


Networking still remains a very important mainstay in business development and retention. Some of us may enjoy the beauty of a corporate expense account to assist with these efforts, while others have to find alternate means of meeting new potential clientele. As the “fake it till you make it” stance has never, in my opinion, […]

A packed room of over 100 plus professional Black women crowded in to the InteractiveOne offices last weekend for the first ever “I’ve Got Work To Do: Women In The Workplace Workshop” hosted by The day long inaugural workshop boasted four panels that tackled issues facing women in advancing careers.  Topics of discussion ranged […]