Who remembers Sunday house cleaning rituals with music blasting and headscarf on? (Raises hand).

The relationship I have with my mother is the most contentious, ambivalent relationship I have with anyone I know.

Yesterday morning, in the complex of the Dr. Martin Luther King apartments and townhouses in east Detroit, MI, sheriffs discovered that 35-year-old mother of four, Mitchelle Blair had two of her children (Stoni and Stephen) and  frozen and “stuffed inside [the] freezer” of her refrigerator, which was near the front door. Blair was found at a […]


How could we forget Shanesha Taylor — the desperate mother who left her two children in the car so she could attend a job interview? We shed tears over her teary-eyed mug shot. Taylor’s story moved thousands. Fans were able to raise $110,000 for Taylor and her family following the incident. Taylor was ordered to […]

It’s almost always mom that has the strongest and the quietest influence on us.We’re wishing all our readers who are mothers a fun and healthy Happy Mother’s Day. LIKE HelloBeautiful On Facebook To Keep Up With Your Fave Black Celebs! Check out all our Mother’s Day related posts from affordable gift tips to celebrity mama […]

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do for that special lady in your life. Being a mother myself, here are some great ideas I think she will love. LIKE HelloBeautiful On Facebook To Keep Up With MommyBeautiful! 1. Mimosas and Massages – If your […]

If you have been paying attention to the news, you might have noticed the story about the young Somolian woman, 28-year old Ebyan Farah, who killed two of her five children by locking them in a closet. She is reported to have made this a regular act, as she would put them in the hot […]

We know there’s a recession going on, and we have to do whatever it takes to save money.  Which brings us to should mother’s wear their children’s clothing? Most mothers who wear their daughters’ clothes are often fit, trim and fashion-conscious.

Black TV Moms have always have had their very own dynamic. From the way they walked, to the way they handled their children and their husbands. This same uniqueness is what sparked a generation of women now who are now mothers and wives and in some way or another, have taken certain principles from these […]

This is why some people just aren’t meant to  be parents!! We just came across this picture on mediatakeout and it’s very disturbing!!!

We recently had a discussion in our offices on whether parents should kiss their kids on the lips.  The final result: Split decision.  But when we came across this pic of Kim Porter kissing her 18 year old son on the lips, well let’s just say it made us feel uncomfortable.