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We recently had a discussion in our offices on whether parents should kiss their kids on the lips.  The final result: Split decision.  But when we came across this pic of Kim Porter kissing her 18 year old son on the lips, well let’s just say it made us feel uncomfortable.

Clutch Magazine has a discussion on their site today about whether the kiss between Kim Porter and her son Quincy is inappropriate:

Twitter was sent buzzing yesterday after this image was posted by Kim Porter’s son Quincy Jones Brown. Quincy is said to have posted the picture in honor of Kim Porter for Mother’s Day. But what is intended to project feelings of love and respect took a turn for the worse. Many are questioning the mother-son kiss, stating that Quincy, 18 is too old to kiss his mother directly on the lips. But different families have different ways of expressing their love for each other right?

What do you think?

UPDATE: Quincy Brown,son of Al B Sure and Kim Porter, recently responded to the criticism he received for kissing his mom on the lips on Mother’s Day. Find out what he had to say here.

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