Scrappy goes around blabbing he and Bambi's baby news against her wishes, Keely is doing the most with drama with Bleu DaVincci, Sierra, and everyone.

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Momma Dee encourages Shirleen to publicly urge Kirk to get a DNA test, much to Rasheeda's chagrin.

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Momma Dee tries to straighten Scrappy out about some transphobic comments he made about D. Smith.

Stevie J moves to LA, Joseline and Karlie Redd fall out, Kalenna is working on her mental health, and more in the season finale of 'Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.'


Jessica Dime doesn't seem to think her attitude is a problem for her music career.


Lyfe Jennings seems to be unaware that he's dating Karlie Redd, while Kalenna and Rasheeda are being super petty, and more.

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Momma Dee's family hates her back with Ernest, Mimi and Margeaux finally meet.

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Last night’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta [insert Joseline Hernandez accent] “shenettigens” were on 10 as usual. Margeaux is a Chatty Patty Nikko’s wife Margeaux moved down to Atlanta to get some camera time to be closer to him so they can allegedly mend their relationship, but you know her presence isn’t without more drama potential. That […]

Momma Dee In Car Accident Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Momma Dee was involved in a car accident that landed her in the hospital with “severe pain.” According to reports, Momma Dee was in an Uber when a Nissan struck the car from behind. Momma Dee believes she injured her back. The reality TV […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is so damn ridiculous, it’s becoming hard to watch. Who are we kidding? We can’t turn away! Lol. Last night’s show opened with Stevie J and Nikko exchanging idle threats between stutter steps. After a soft tussle that involved Stevie tugging on Nikko’s sweater, the boys were pulled apart by the […]