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Last night’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta [insert Joseline Hernandez accent] “shenettigens” were on 10 as usual.

Margeaux is a Chatty Patty

Nikko’s wife Margeaux moved down to Atlanta to get some camera time to be closer to him so they can allegedly mend their relationship, but you know her presence isn’t without more drama potential. That being said, she linked up with Joseline Hernandez and revealed what Nikko told her about Mimi being the true mastermind behind leaking the infamous sex tape, and Joseline couldn’t wait to tell the whole Atlanta!

Mimi Tries to Make Business Moves

Mimi is still trying to move forward with the management company  she has with Stevie despite the obvious setbacks, i.e., Stevie being in rehab and potentially facing jail time. We catch Miss Faust trying to land two new clients — Tiffany Fox and Jessica Dime, respectively. Both women were skeptical about working with Mimi. Tiffany Fox wasn’t sure because she already had management that she was content with, and Jessica Dime was on the fence because she didn’t like the idea of not having all of Mimi’s attention as a client. Both women decided to see what Mimi could do for them on a trial basis, but even Miss Cleo knows where this one is going.

Momma Dee’s Ex Flame

Momma Dee and the meat thief her ex hubby Ernest went on a romantic date to…JR Crickets. Yes, the hole in the wall wing spot (they have bomb wings, though). It was Ernest’s idea so Momma Dee begrudgingly rolled with him until he pulled out a rinky-dink promise ring that might as well had been a Ring Pop. Momma Dee balked at first, but  she eventually let him slide  because you gotta give an ex-con a break, especially if you’re the reason why he went in…the last time.

Faith Evan’s Big Cameo

Faith Evans paid Stevie a visit because they go way back to the Puffy in shiny suits Bad Boy days (Google that ish), and he revealed that he wanted to be taken seriously as a producer again. Faith was even down to work with him, and plans to reduce a Biggie duets album. Who knows, if Stevie manages to keep his butt out of trouble, he and Faith might actually make that work.

Kirk and Rasheeda’s Drama…Again

Rasheeda found out that $32,000 was missing from one of she and Kirk’s joint bank accounts, and she confronted him about it. He wasn’t very responsive and barely explained himself before also revealing that he was $100,000 in the hole. Rasheeda said she was going to freeze that account…and we’re all yawning because we know she’s not going to do a dang thing. He has a secret apartment, a non-talented artist, spends major money without consulting his wife, and won’t even support her dream to open a brick and mortar store. Yeah, sounds like a winner worth saving a marriage for…side eye.

Joseline’s Party

Joseline said she was tired of seeing the same faces in in her crew so she had a party where she invited some new faces. One of those new faces was PreMadonna, an entrepreneur who knew Joseline from Miami, who claims she’s the queen of the waist shapers (sounds basic already). Side note, this is what you look like in a waist trainer:


PreMadonna seemed cool, but we know what show this is so, yeah…

Karlie Redd and Margeaux also came through, and the latter couldn’t wait to let loose about Mimi. Margeaux might actually be messier than Karlie Redd, which says a lot.

Mimi Is An Amateur

Mimi thought she was big time by organizing a quick meeting with Jazzy Pha for Tiffany Fox and Jessica Dime. She didn’t mention that she intended for the women to meet him together so of course, that didn’t go well. Jessica Dime got extra rowdy because she felt that she was supposed to be the only artist getting Jazzy Pha’s time (which was only an hour for this meeting), and Tiffany wasn’t here for any of the attitude. Tiffany Fox, who is obviously the smartest of all three women, bounced before the situation could get really ugly. Jazzy Pha was so put off by Jessica’s attitude that he shut everything down. He went from initially liking her to not even wanting to hear her music after seeing her attitude on display. Meanwhile, Mimi was sitting there with a Gump face thinking about the fact that Jazzy Pha may not even consider any of her future business proposals.

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